Raging excitement puke

So today was the monthly “I’m super excited because my people brought home a new bag of food for me” puke. This type of puke happens about every time Ropy gets a new bag of cat food. This time he was so excited, he tried to climb into the rubbermaid container that Sara was dumping the new bag of food into. So anyway, he inhaled some food, came upstairs to our bathroom and starting the initial dry heave process on a rug. Sara quickly grabbed the rug, pulled it back and nudged the cat off of it. He immediately ran to the only other rug in the bathroom and yarfed up breakfast. What a worthless s.o.b.

Welcome home

moreyarf.JPGWell…it’s Friday, December the 8th.  Second shotgun season for deer starts tomorrow so I came home from work an hour early to pack up my stuff and hit the road.  As usual, I let Ralph out when I got home.  As I walked over to the sliding door, I noticed a nice fresh pile of yarf that the cat left for me.  Do you notice how the rug is missing?  That’s because the little S.O.B. puked on it the other day and it’s still being washed.  I’m suprised he didn’t wait until it was nice and clean and back on the floor to defile it again.  Worthless M*(&^%#>”} F*&^$%%**

Lunch break suprise

Door PukeSo today I came home for lunch and was getting ready to let the dog out.  As I walked over to the door to let Ralph outside, I noticed Ropy had left me a land mine.  This rug had been washed about two days earlier from his last upchuck so I’m really glad I bothered washing it.  That really helped the appetite for lunch too….bastard!!