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Welcome to, your authoritative source for news and information about Ropeburn The Ginormous Fat Siamese Cat and his favorite pastime: irritating me.  No, Ropeburn is not abused or anything like that.  He does however have a sensitive stomach that makes him yarf from time-to-time.  His Science Diet sensitive stomach food does the trick...that is until he gets into the dog's food...Bastard!  DISCLAIMER: This Web site contains disgusting/disturbing images, has no value whatsoever, and due to its content should not be viewed by anyone.


December 13th, 2016

RIP, Ropy (aka Ropeburn Lee Grinder Jensen). 20+ years is a hell of a run.


Ropy discovered a great new way of pissing me off today!

Mmmmm….Green Bean Casserole.

February 10th, 2009

Ropy’s favorite part about the holidays has to be the green bean casserole.  I’m pretty sure he has absolutely no idea that he’s actually a cat…or, he was figuring…”this will make for some interesting colored puke later!”


Oh, nice cabinet grade plywood….I should PUKE on it!

March 7th, 2008

Ok…a little background first.  I decided a while back that I needed to build an outfeed table for my tablesaw so I could handle large 4′ x 8′ panels by myself a little easier.  Well, I finally got around to starting on it.  I bought some nice birch plywood to build it out of.  The first portion of the table needed to be glued up and clamped.  Anyway, the glue that I was using needed 50 degrees or higher temps for it to properly cure….so, I cut my plywood, brought it into my kitchen, glued it and clamped it.

Day two:  The first chunk of the outfeed table is still in the place it was the night before…on my kitchen floor on newspapers.  The glue is now dry but I haven’t had a chance to move it.  I’m in the living room checking my email and I hear the tell-tale sound of the cat….puking….in the kitchen.  He has a thing for yaking on our rugs – especially when they’ve just came out of the dryer and are nice and clean.  I proceded to go out to the kitchen, expecting to have to throw a rug in the washing machine.  NO….HELL NO…  Instead, that little S.O.B. puke directly on my glued up panel I had sitting on the floor.  The real great thing was that the side with the countersunk screw holes is the one facing up…and the one he puked on.   So, not only do I have cat puke on a nice piece of cabinet grade plywood….I have cat puke in the little countersunk screw holes….which, let me tell you, is just a JOY to clean out!  $#*&@!!$#%^ CAT!!!!  He was banished to the basement after that little incident for a couple hours.

Habitat update

April 13th, 2007

new habitatAfter numerous complaints from the cat regarding his living conditions, we’ve decide to update them.  The problem was, Ropy’s shitterbox was in an unfinished basement.  He got tired of getting his fat little paws cold…so the captors decided to make his space more habitable…still in progress though….spoiled little sh*t.

I’m a stone cold killa…sort of

April 13th, 2007

StalkingWell, the other day a sparrow fell victim to the “I think I can fly though that glass door” syndrome.  Anyway, Ropeburn was on it.  If a staredown could kill a bird, this guy would have been toast.


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