Ropeburn is a bulbous siamese tomcat that wastes space in Gilbert, IA.  No, Ropeburn is not abused or anything to that effect.  He does however have a sensitive stomach that makes him yarf from time-to-time.  His Science Diet sensitive stomach food does the trick…until he gets into the dog’s food…Bastard!

Ropeburn was adopted from Town Engineering Building at ISU one summer a few years ago. He mostly eats, sleeps, fights with Ralph Dog, and pisses me off by puking around the house.

Though Sara likes the cat, I’m not completely sold on him. I’ve jokingly threatened that he may just “run away” one of these days but so far, he’s managed to stay. He came the closest to “running away” the night that I awoke to him heaving up a hair ball on my chest during the middle of the night.  It was much more effective than the alarm clock at getting me up out of bed!

Ropeburn is good-tempered and is a bit of a whore when people come over. He has no qualms with trying to crawl into bed with the house guests.?????????????ikoni